About me

In 1982, when I was 10 years old, I won an original poetry competition. My English teacher at my Primary School had entered it without my knowledge and it was announced one assembly. I remember standing up to the applause and being very embarrassed about it all. It wasn’t that I was pleased, but that no-one had thought to tell me. To this day, I do not like surprises.

I have written poetry since I was about 8, most of it is agonisingly immature teenage angst, but I have written over 3,000 poems, keeping a record of all the titles in little notebooks. Sometime in the 1990’s I started to write short stories. They were macabre, weird, twisted and always based on some truth.

Over the years, ideas for novels popped in to my head and I started writing, only to make the (often) fatal error of reading back my work and hating it so much, that it got put away indefinitely. Then in 2010, a teacher colleague of mine suggested I write a science fiction novel (for that is where my geek love lies) and not once read it back. I have written over 90,000 words since then, but it has not been touched for 2 years.

And so, flash forward to last year when I decided that in order to write and edit and finish that novel, I must start small and build. With the help and encouragement of an amazing writing group, I have started to do just that. This blog now is an accumulation of years and years of agonising self-worthlessness, procrastination and countless rejections. We are all our biggest critics after all.

It is time now.

Hope you enjoy my work.




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